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Cancer Horoscope 2021 – Yearly Astrology Prediction | What’s in Store for You!

Cancer Horoscope 2021 – Yearly Astrology Prediction | What’s in Store for You!

As it is said, Saturn delays but not denies. The same will happen in your case when you are a Cancerian. S, let’s get jump into Cancer horoscope 2021.

The union of Saturn and Jupiter in your 7th house causes you a lot in positive as well as negative ways. When the Guru-Souri yoga in your 7th house gives you a hell of a lot of money, it would hamper your conjugal life one way or another. Your personality would be enhanced, whereas your ego will have a rise.

Moreover, you may earn money from foreign sources this year. So, try hard and take your sight towards positive changes.

All You Need to Know about Cancer Horoscope 2021

The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn after long 59 years bags so many things for natives of 12 zodiac signs and Cancerians also experience the same.

Let us have a look at the yearly horoscope of 2021 of Cancerians in a broad spectrum.

Cancer 2021 Family Horoscope:

There would be ups and downs in your family life as Saturn aspects your sign directly as well as your 4th house from Capricorn (7th house). You will not find the peace in your domestic life that you are looking for. Even the family members remain cold and would provide you the support that you expect from them.

More or less, family life remains unsatisfactory in 2021. There are so many things that will take place in your home without your concern and it would make you edgy. It would be better if you control your anger and channel your energy to your work instead of juggling family issues.

2021 wants you to stay away from your family to fulfill your work commitment and rank higher in professional life. At the beginning of the year arise tiffs among your family members due to the placement of Mars in your 10th house with a direct aspect in your 4th house. Don’t allow your anger to control you; rather consult with your family before taking any decision. You will get full support from your elder siblings this year.

Cancer 2021 Career Horoscope:

2021 will be proven beneficial for Cancerians on the professional front.

The placement of Saturn in your 7th house wants you to work hard and continuously. Though, you would be rewarded fully for your hard work and patience, and get a promotion as well. The placement of Mars in your 10th house at the beginning of the year will be beneficial for your career.

You would get success. the period, April to September would be a bit challenging for your work front and it needs you to stay calm and calculative to handle all the hurdles coming in between you and your success. Avoid debates, misunderstandings, and arguments with your colleagues and seniors; otherwise, you may end up with a loss.

January, February, March, and the beginning of April remain lucky for you whether you are in business or doing a job. If you have foreign connections then it would result well for you this year due to the placement of Saturn and Jupiter in the 7th house.

Cancer 2021 Finance Horoscope:

Your finance front remains stable in 2021.

The more you work hard the more you get results. You are advised to check on your expenses. You can repay the bills and loans you have taken in the past years due to some profit you will incur in March 2021.

You need to spend a bit on your health and your partner’s wellbeing this year.  The month of August remains auspicious to incur profits and gains from business as well as from job. Even, March and September also offer you good income as well as profit in 2021.

Cancer 2021 Education Horoscope:

Students remain lucky in their studies from February to April in 2021. You will succeed with flying colors in academics. Though, Ketu sitting in your 5th house creates distractions from your studies. Thus, you need to hold your attention to your studies regardless of the situation.

April and September to November remain favorable for your higher studies. You need to keep your hard work to get success in academics in 2021. If you are willing to go to a foreign land for higher studies this year may offer you the chance. May, June, or the first part of July may give you chance to set off for foreign land for higher studies.

Cancer 2021 Married Life & Children Horoscope:

The married life will continue with the ebb and flow in 2021 as Saturn is sitting in your 7th. Though, Jupiter will pacify the hefty situation from many perspectives.

  • You are advised to make a decision carefully before execution.
  • You will feel the gap between you and your spouse due to Saturn sat in your 7th place.
  • Your partner may move towards spiritual activities more than domestic life. The combustion of Sun with Saturn and Jupiter from mid-January to mid-February wants honesty and loyalty from both of you; you and partner.
  • If you fail to show grace and honesty then you may face trouble in your married life.
  • However, the placement of Venus in Capricorn provides bliss in your married life from February to March. You will again feel a bonding with your spouse this time.

Though, the transit of Mars in your sign (Cancer) again starts the tiffs and disagreements between you and your spouse from June to July. If you are in a business partnership with your spouse and the business is named after him or her then you can experience prosperity.

When it is all about your children, this year will be so much promising due to the placement of Ketu in your 5th house. Your children may distract from their goals and involve in unnecessary activities instead of studies. So, you should guide them without punishment.

Cancer 2021 Love Horoscope:

You will undergo mixed results this year in your love front.

The months like February, March, April, August, and September remain good and bring positive results for your love life. you can understand your partner better and draw towards him/her smoothly. Don’t hide anything from your love and let the ship of love smoothly during these months. It will benefit your love life.

Notwithstanding the fact described above, you will face hurdles in you love living in the rest of the months of the year 2021. You may undergo extreme mental stress due to the unfavorable planetary position during the year. Hence, you are advised to reach your partner from time to time and keep everything clear to emit misunderstanding in your love life.

Cancer 2021 Health Horoscope:

  • You will face sleep issues during the year as Saturn having sat in his own house (7th house of Cancer, the Capricorn) would not allow you to sleep peacefully, and it would lead to health issues.
  • You may suffer from frequent cough and cold, joint pain, lethargy, and bone-related issue due to Saturn. While Saturn would test your health frequently, Jupiter will provide a sigh of relief from time to time.
  • You may get saved from serious health issues due to the placement of Jupiter along with Saturn. The first phase of the year (January to April) will not be favorable for your health. Thus, you are required to stay alert with your food habits and visit to doctor regularly.

Severe health issues are foreseen between September to November. You need to stay cautious. Otherwise, it may end up with a serious loss on your professional and personal fronts due to your health issues. As it is seen that 2021 will be adverse on your health and mind, you need to take proper cautions to stay healthy and fight against diseases. It would be better if you live in light food and avoid junk food. Do yoga and regular exercise to stay fit.

Cancer Horoscope Remedies 2021

You can contact an astrologer for customized astrological remedies to get rid of your troubles in 2021. Here we present a few common remedies for Cancerians; you can follow if you wish.

  • You can wear a quality pearl in a silver ring
  • If you can then recite the beej mantra of Jupiter.
  • Visit the temple of Lord Shiva on Monday and do Abhishek.
  • You can worship Hanuman and Ganesha to get rid of troubles.

The above-mentioned remedies are conventional and can be applied in general. Thus, if you want the best and personalized astrological remedy for you then you are advised to visit a professional astrologer.

Best of luck for 2021!

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