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Leo Horoscope 2021 – Yearly Astrology Prediction | What’s in Store for You!

Leo Horoscope 2021 – Yearly Astrology Prediction | What’s in Store for You!

2021 wants conviction in your every decision. Whether it would be a small or big step in your life in coming 2021; you need to stay firm and confident of course. That’s why we have come out with an accurate Leo horoscope 2021.

Sometimes you behave stubborn and rigid; and it can create issues in your life. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in your 6th house wants you to do your job at the best without being carried away by your emotions. You may find increment in the number of enemies; though you can get them down with your intelligence and patience. Your family life would be great as well as your financial condition. If you are in a serious relationship, you may tie the knot at the end of the year 2021 with Jupiter’s placement in your 7th house (Aquarius).

All You Need to Know about Leo Horoscope 2021

Without being tricky and tense, let us have a look at the detailed horoscope of Leo natives in 2021.

Leo 2021 Family Horoscope:

Having Ketu in the 4th house, Leo natives will have mixed results in 2021. You need to undergo unfavorable situations on family fronts. Though Jupiter in your 6th house plays its cards and offers a happy situation in your family life to time, and it makes a great balance. This year, your family members go through challenging situations related to health and enmity. Hence, you need to be very careful to take care of their health as well as family issues. You should consider your enemies that they cannot hurt you anyway. You will receive immense support from your younger siblings this year, and they would be a constant source of happiness for you.

Leo natives may buy a new home this year. The months, February, March, April, and December would be favorable in purchasing a new property. Though, you need to take care of your mother throughout the year.

Leo 2021 Career Horoscope:

With the placement of Rahu in your 10th house, Leo natives will experience certain positive things in their career front. You can create an impact on others and yield them according to your necessity in the workplace to manage your tasks. Your progress and success create jealousies among your enemies. Saturn having seated in your 6th house gives you hostility in your work front throughout the year. Though, you would win over your enemies instead of induced stress. The first phase of the year will be proven lucky and prosperous for your career with Mars in your 9th April and May seem a bit challenging; though you can manage with your intellectual attitude.

A duration of April, June, and September would be truly fruitful for you, and you can set off for professional trips. If you are in business then you should think twice and thrice before investing in new ventures and take every decision precisely.

Leo 2021 Finance Horoscope:

You will gain a lot in your professional field and it boosts your income as well as savings in 2021. Though your expenses in luxury will be increased this year and it can put you in trouble. You may see a certain rise in your income in 2021 from the beginning of the year. If you work hard then you can end up accumulating a huge amount of money and wealth. When April would be proven lucky for you; from August to October you experience a flow of income.

You need to spend a lump sum of money for the well-being of your family and married life this year. Leo Natives who are in business need to invest in every square of business carefully. Otherwise, you may end up with losses. If you are trying to start a business then you should start it without partnership.

Leo 2021 Education Horoscope:

The beginning phase of the year remains fruitful with the 9th lord Mars in his self house; indicates progress in higher studies. Though, the year asks you to study hard to get the desired outcomes in your academies as Saturn sitting in your 6th house asks for constant and laborious efforts to gain success. When the duration from April to September remains challenging; January to mid-April, May to August, mid-September to mid-November would be lucky in your academics.

This year is lucky to get a chance for higher studies in a foreign land. You need to study hard and put in extra effort to get the desired results in your motherland too. So, be focused, do study a lot, and don’t lose your patience in 2021. A good time will come for you.

Married Life & Children Horoscope of Leo in 2021:

As your 7th lord, Saturn gets seated in your 6th house; it creates a problem in your married life. Even, the 5th aspect of Rahu in Capricorn also creates problems in conjugal life. The problem starts to get sorted when Jupiter enters Aquarius at the end of 2021. Till then, you need to manage everything in your married life peacefully if you want it to go well. April to September, the time goes tough for your married life and it needs your extra attention to evade situations like divorce or separation.

If you have already in legal matters then you need to keep patience in 2021 to not to change things against you. Your spouse’s health may suffer in 2021 and it can make a hole in your pocket.

Though, you may get happiness from your children this year. They will earn success in every square of their life and it will make you happy and relaxed. 2021 would be a flourishing year for your children.

Leo 2021 Love Horoscope:

As mentioned earlier, from the aspect of love and relationship the year remains good for Leo natives. If you are already in love and thinking to get married then you can tie your knot this year. April to September, the time is auspicious for love marriage. For people who are not in love but looking for partners to get married; this year may bring the chance in November and December.

Be clear and honest in your approaches towards your partner. it would enhance your love life with bliss and blessing. Don’t let misunderstanding or tiffs take place between you and your partner. Keep the cycle of communication fueled and let your love life go on a smooth ride.

Health Horoscope of Leo for 2021:

When it is all about health, 2021 would be proven challenging for Leo natives. Saturn and Jupiter sitting in your 6th house create adverse health conditions. You need to take care of your health from the beginning of the year to the end of it. Though, the transit of Jupiter in Aquarius would provide you relief from severe health issues. You may suffer from stomach, kidney, and hand-related issues if you do not take care of your health in a proper way. it would be hard to deal with health issues as Saturn is placed in your 6th house and Jupiter is debilitated here.

You may get down with air-borne issues and joint pain this year. Be careful and take a visit to your physician if you find anything serious immediately.

Leo 2021 Remedies:

Each Leo native has his/her birth chart and he/she needs personalized remedy to overcome hurdles and engage luck to live. So, if you are interested to get your personalized remedy then you can certainly visit a professional astrologer. Here we are just presenting common Leo remedies for 2021; you can try if you wish.

  • You can wear Ruby in a copper ring.
  • Offer wheat balls to bulls.
  • Love and respect your father.
  • You can offer water to peepal tree and keep fast on Thursday.

I Hope, Leo natives will live healthy and wealthy in 2021. You can follow the common remedy or you can ask a professional astrologer for a personalized remedy.

Best of luck for 2021!

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