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Taurus Horoscope 2021 – Yearly Astrology Prediction – What’s in Store for You!

Taurus Horoscope 2021 – Yearly Astrology Prediction – What’s in Store for You!

Along with Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th house of Kalpurusha (Capricorn), 2021 is about to start so get to know taurus horoscope 2021. The conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter is a rare yoga, the Guru-Souri yoga; and the rarest thing is the conjunction of these two planets in Capricorn after 59 years.

Hence, something is going to happen in 2021 for all natives registered with 12 zodiac signs and Taurus natives are not the exception for sure. The Guru-Souri conjunction acquires the 9th house of Taurus natives regardless of moon sign and ascendant, and it indicates ample religious activities for Taurus people and huge participation in social works.

Elaboration of Taurus Horoscope 2021

It is time to reveal what 2021 bags for Taurus natives and how to maintain their personal to social life without being troubled. Let’s move towards the detailed Taurus astrological report of Taurus natives.

Taurus 2021 Family Horoscope:


This year will be a bit harsh on your family and domestic fronts. Your patients and commitments would be tested and you are advised to stay calm to handle every situation in your family carefully to avoid tiffs. Your family members will remain cold towards you in 2021 and it would make you upset frequently. When January and February are not favorable for family matters, March seems auspicious. Your family may invest in new property in March. There will be an air of bliss and happiness in your family from April to September due to the. During this time, your family turns towards you and supports you fully. Your parents will be with you and they will undergo sound health. Things in your family remain favorable till September instead of stressful situations.

Though, you need to keep an eye on your parent’s health from mid-June to mid-July to stay away from adverse consequences. In 2021, your siblings will trouble you a lot due to Saturn’s aspect in your 3rd house. Keep a check on your mood and mental ups-downs from June to July as Mars will transit from your 3rd house to 4th house and may create new hassles for you.

Taurus 2021 Career Horoscope:


2021 bags good news for you in the realm of your career. Having sat in the 9th house Saturn and Jupiter fulfill your desires related to your career and professional fields. Good luck will be on your table throughout the year. You can expect a desirable job transfer that you are looking for for so long. If you are thinking of a job change, 2021 would be favorable for you.

Though, the year is not the same for the Taurus natives who are in business. You people need to take every decision in your business carefully. If you are in the partnership business then don’t go for any new agreement in 2021 as things will go changed with your partner and adversely result in you. The Taurus businessman needs to work hard to attain success this year and should shun short cuts to get success. However, you can taste the flavor of success between April to September.

Taurus 2021 Finance Horoscope:


2021 offers mixed results in financial affairs. You need to quench your hands for expenses at the beginning of the year; think twice before you spend for anyone including you. Though, Saturn and Jupiter both help you to accumulate wealth throughout the year sitting in the 9th The period, April to September will remain auspicious for you to accumulate money. You may buy immovable property this year with the Shani-Guru yoga.

Taurus natives who work in public sectors will attain success and promotion this year. You may be blessed with a new home or vehicle this year. If you spend only on necessary things then this year will be proven best for you in raising funds for the future. You may face a few losses during the first half of January, the latter half of April, end of September to November for certain reasons. To know in detail, please visit your nearest astrologer. He/she would guide you with the right tips to overcome adverse financial situations.

Taurus 2021 Education Horoscope:


2021 will be a testing phase of your patience, tolerance, dedication, and hard work as Saturn is ruling your 9th house, the house of luck as well as higher education. Hence, you need to study harder to get the desired results in academics. You will experience fewer hurdles in your academics to get success from the beginning of January to the first week of April. If you are getting prepared for higher education then this time bring you success. Hurdles start to give you ache from the last of April to September, and you need to provide double effort to get success in your studies.

If you are preparing for a competitive exam then the time between September to October and the last of October to the first week of December remain lucky for you. The Guru-Souri yoga in 9th house brings you success in competitive exams if your endeavor is packed with hard work and dedication. For students who want to travel abroad for higher studies, this year will be proven beneficial for them. but, don’t let ego or self-confidence overshadow your karma, and keep up the hard work.

Taurus 2021 Married Life & Children Horoscope:


Misunderstandings and misconceptions will arise between you and your partner as Ketu acquires the 7th house of your chart. It makes it difficult for you to understand your spouse and makes you involved in unnecessary arguments and stress in your married life. Hence, it is advised to stay calm and handle situations with maturity without being puzzled by the flow. Though nothing remains the same and it goes applied to your married life too. You can enjoy the bliss and comfort in the marital zone in May and it will impact your married life on a positive note and help you two to take the necessary step to secure future.

If you have a child then the time from January to April, and August to November will stay favorable for their studies, health, and overall success. If your child has a plan to settle in abroad for better education or future, it may happen between April to May.

Taurus 2021 Love Horoscope:


When it is all about love, Taurus natives get lucky in 2021. Due to the 5th aspect of Jupiter on your sign Taurus, you can feel the bliss of love all over the year. Though, sudden tiffs may arise between you and your partner throughout the year. If you are serious about your love affair then you need to handle it peacefully to resolve it.

The month of May and September endow you with the best experience in the love front in 2021. It would be the best time to convey your heart to your love partner and get closer to him/her. Keep yourself sorted and clear to handle any crisis in love life if happens any.

Taurus 2021 Health Horoscope:


In health front, 2021 seeks continuous attention from you to stay hale and hearty. The placement of Rahu in your sign/ascendant and Ketu in your 7th house make a constant troll on your health throughout the year. Even, the placement of Mars in the 12th house at the beginning of the year impacts your health badly. The first phase of the year takes a toll on your health; whereas the situation gets improved from the middle of the year.

However, you need to check your food habit control and avoid fried and junk food to have a healthy stomach. You may face issues related to your eyes, back, and thighs. Don’t take any chance but visit your doctor regularly.

Taurus Horoscope Remedies for 2021


It is best if you visit a professional astrologer to get a personalized remedy. An astrologer will go through your birth chart and prescribe the best remedy according to planet placement. We are going to offer a few common remedies that you can follow too,

  • Respect women at your home and outside the home.
  • Feed cow regularly.
  • Feed flour and sugar to ants on Friday.
  • If you can then wear Diamond/Opal.

Hope, 2021 comes up with good news and brings health, wealth, and prosperity to you and your family.

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